About The Leader

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For 3 years I led weekend tours for friends and others, always getting great acclaim for my organizational skills.  Then  in 2013, I set up for our group a self-guided tour of the Natchez Trace.  That hooked me on touring the Natchez Trace.  I enjoy all aspects of the adventure including working out the details, doing the ride, and especially exploring on and off the Trace by bicycle.  Talk about feeling like a kid again…So in 2014 I formed Southeastern Cycling Tours, LLC.

The unanticipated bonus of bicycle touring is how much healthier you feel by the end of the trip.  It’s  a enhances your lifestyle to travel by bicycle while on vacation!

My qualifications for leading rides come from many areas.  In 2003, I began doing triathlons with Team in Training (“TNT”).  These are destination events that you train for, eagerly anticipate and then go and do- very much like bike touring.  I participated in many events  with them over the years and even served as a tri team mentor.  Doing triathlons was fun but I realized that cycling  was what I  loved the most so I switched to doing bicycle centuries with TNT.  Again, these were destination events – like bike touring!  My last event with Team in Training was The Race Across America in 2012.  I was on the crew supporting the cycling team.  The event started in Oceanside, CA and ended in Annapolis, MD.  Our Team (Georgia Chain Gang) had no injuries, incurred no penalties, never got lost and completed the event in a respectable time for the 8 person team category. What an amazing and educational support experience!

The organizational skills that I use in setting up these bicycle trips  come from my “day” job as a paralegal.  It has been my profession for 30+ years.  You cannot be a paralegal for 30+ years and not be a well organized person.

But I believe that my best qualification is that I love to ride my bike!  I am not fast or slow  but I am the “endurance” model  and I love to explore by bicycle.  As the owner of this small new company,  I will provide for my clients what I enjoy while riding and those things are:  a safe ride, a fun experience, the support and food  required to be comfortable during a ride, the support necessary to complete the ride and a shower and  clean bed at the end of the day for a good nights sleep so I can get up and ride again the next day.

So join in on the fun and come ride with us!